Motorcraft spark plug heat range

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Buying Motorcraft spark plugs is less about buying ignition components and more about buying confidence. When you buy Motorcraft spark plugs, you can be confident you're going to get the reliable performance, long life, and maximum voltage you seek from your spark plugs.

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Heat Ranges When it comes to racing, choosing a spark plug within the correct heat range is vital. Heat range doesn't refer to the amount of spark output, but the amount of heat that a plug can ...

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Heat Range: 9 Gap: Consult Plug: NGK R5724-9 (stock number 7891); Autolite AR93; Denso IT-27 Nitrous (four steps colder) Heat Range: 10 Gap: Consult Plug: NGK R5724-10 (stock number 7993); Autolite AR92 4.6 Mustang Cobra (96-01) Thread – 14mm Reach - .708” Socket – 5/8 hex Seat - Taper Stock Heat Range: 5 Gap: .054

spark plug manufacturers ac autolite champion ac delco ac plugs accel acura ajk alfa romeo audi beru bmw bosch br... CHAMPION SPARK PLUG LIST Original Batman artwork, original Batman paintings, Batman drawings, Batman art, comic artwork, comic book artwork, Batman posters, Bat... If a Bosch spark plug is listed for your engine, it should perform the same or better than the OEM spark plug. People can get into trouble trying to match a replacement spark with an OEM spark plug if the visually compare the plug diameter, thread pitch and seat. Two plugs may appear to be similar, but have quite different heat ranges. I have AGSF32C plugs that arrived in my 351/385 crate motor from Ford. Does anyone know the number of a plug 1 range hotter? I've been searching for an hour for a heat range comparison chart but I guess they aren't too popular these days.