Mazda 6 wheel bearing noise

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My brother had the left wheel bearing replaced on his 2002 TDI wagon by a questionable mechanic. I say questionable because the noise is still there.

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However, the typical noise associated with air being trapped in the system is more of a whining noise than a grinding. Poor wheel bearings could be the cause for the grinding noise, especially if it is more noticeable when turning the steering wheel. Driving around on a bad wheel bearing could be very dangerous.

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY rear hub assembly replacement Hello there i was thinking about replacing rear hub assemblies by myself next week. After removing the big axlehub nut how hard is it to pull out the rear hub assembly Does it need to be pressed in and out by a special tool Or i can just pull it out and push a new one in by hand The front wheel bearing does needs to be pressed in and out by special ... The new style ABS systems use a magnetic encoder built into the wheel bearing, and if the wheel bearing is installed backward with the encoder facing out, it won't take long before your ABS light is on and your stress level goes up. The sad part is, you will most likely have to replace the wheel bearing with a new one.

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