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I was wanting to install a 'Simple Pump' hand pump so I was getting an idea of how much room I have to get past my pitless adapter assembly. Pretty tight...

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4-D Plumbing & Builders Supply 66 South Main Street Nephi, UT 84648. Phone (435)623-1199 or (800)281-3979 Fax 435.623.4420 Spider and gimbal. The spider serves as a hangoff point for the riser during BOP running. We offer split spiders and gimbals to accommodate rotary tables of 49.5-in, 60.5-in, and 75.5-in diameter and are qualified up to 2,500,000 lbm hangoff capacity.

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The DMT packer is a kind of single hole, barrel slip, retrievable packer which can be set by special setting tool and released by special retrieving tool..... ¥ 0.00 DH-2 Hydraulic Setting Retrievable Packer Agricultural & Parts at Agri Supply. You may need gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders or trailer hitches to get all your machinery running and ready to go once it is time to start cultivating the fields.

Adapter spool ring gasket (3) Adapter spool oilfield (18) Adater flange (23) Annular pressure operated connector (2) BOMCO Mud pumps parts (2) BOP Safety Valve (1) BOP Packing element (5) BOP parts (31) BOP shear ram packer (12) BOP top seal (13) BOP RAM (13) Connector (4) Case hole DST (111) cable protector (2) Circulating valve (5) Cementing ... Magnus seal Retrievable Seal Bore Packer is a reliable high pressure packer used for production, gravel packing, injection applications. Magnus Seal seal bore packer is set on wireline or tubing with a hydraulic setting tool and it may be retrieved with a pulling tool on tubing or drillpipe Magnus Seal Seal seal bore-element system is designed for high pressure and resists swab-off Suitable up ...