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Mar 27, 2013 · Import-Module Azure Select-AzureSubscription mysubscription $destContext = New-AzureStorageContext –StorageAccountName $storageAccount ` -StorageAccountKey $storageKey New-AzureStorageContainer -Name $containerName $blob1 = Start-CopyAzureStorageBlob -srcUri $srcUri1 ` -DestContainer $containerName ` -DestBlob $fileName1 ` -DestContext $destContext $blob2 = Start-CopyAzureStorageBlob -srcUri $srcUri2 ` -DestContainer $containerName ` -DestBlob $fileName2 ` -DestContext $destContext $blob3 ...

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Dec 09, 2018 · The rest of this post focuses on using PowerShell with Cloud Shell. Finding the File Service Info to Use with Cloud Shell . When you create a Cloud Shell account, you are prompted to also create an Azure Storage account. This gives you a mounted file share in the Azure Files service which is available for all of your Cloud Shell sessions.

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Jun 26, 2014 · In a minute or 2 Azure will finish creating the storage account. click on the account name: Next click Dashboard, and click Manage Access Keys at the bottom: Copy the account name and the primary access key. You will need them to use your storage account via Powershell later. Secure this information because it provides access to your Azure data. Oct 18, 2011 · Well, first of all. Azure Blob storage can be used for much more than just file storage. Scalability is built in so if you, for example, have a static html page, you can easily upload it to Azure blob storage and then link to it. It is a good way to take away load from your WebRole. All methods that I showed you have a Begin/End method as well.

Creating Storage Account using Azure Powershell. Before creating Storage Account using Azure Powershell, user must login to using login credentials and open Microsoft Azure PowerShell from the Start menu and connect it to an Azure subscription. Now click on Cloud Shell icon shown below. Nov 02, 2020 · The new Azure Migrate Azure PowerShell module, now in public preview, adds PowerShell support for Server Migration tool’s agentless method of migrating VMware virtual machines to Azure. See the tutorial on migrating VMware virtual machines to Azure through Azure PowerShel l to learn more.