Ap psychology unit 11 notes

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Friday 3/29 - Unit 10 Test HW- read pg's 601-607 Monday 4/1 - Assign Unit 11 Abnormal Psychology. Assign Ch. 15/16 vocabulary, concept map, and AP Review Test ( Answers ).

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Currently, the most widely used intelligence test is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) it has 11 subtests and gives a verbal score, a performance score, and an overall score. Large differences between the verbal and nonverbal scores indicate possible learning difficulties.

AP Psychology Syllabus 2020-21 for students ... Module 17 AP Psych Lecture notes.pptx ... AP Psych Unit 11; Selection File type icon The 14-unit organization of this new text mirrors the scope and sequence of the College Board’s AP® Psychology Course Description. Incorporates AP® Terms and Content Because this text focuses entirely on AP®, Dr. Myers completely reworked his text to align all the content with how it is best taught in an AP® classroom. A Key Contributors list appears at the end of each unit to highlight the influential figures in psychology your students should know. Margin Features: AP Exam Tips: Offer invaluable advice upon which concepts to focus and how to avoid common pitfalls so students can be successful in the course and on the exam.