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When you need to run a script, then use the Ansible script module with a template module, if required. For reboot requirements, use the reboot or win_reboot module in playbooks. How does the Ansible Shell Module Work? For the Ansible shell module, like any other module, we have a set of acceptable parameters and accordingly acceptable values.

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Jul 24, 2017 · This will loop over each of the servers in the group centos and install all of the updates. A more useful ad hoc command would be the Ansible ping module, which is used to verify that a server is ready to receive commands: ansible all -m ping. This will result in Ansible attempting to log in via SSH to all of the servers in your inventory.

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There is a way to send commands to the remote node using the script, like a shell script that contains the set of command. Ansible Playbooks are written in the YAML format. YAML is a data ...

Dec 26, 2019 · Ansible Script Header. This is a standard header in an Ansible script and is as follows; name: Provides a name for the script, which can appear in debug lines. hosts: Usually specify the target host(s) to connect to, but with API’s it is used to reference variables which are directly associated with the host. Jan 01, 2018 · Sometimes ansible is not enough, and you want to unleash the raw shell power. But long one-line scripts look totally unreadable. Here is how you can do it with YAML multi-line representation: Whenever I run into situations like this for ansible I stop and look for a better approach. For example there is a 'script' module. If you write a nice script that outputs some json you can then import the output from that command as a ansible fact with the 'from_json' filter. This way you do the hard work in your favorite language and get your facts perfectly arranged so they are easy to loop ...