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I have a 1994 dx pickup 4x4 4 cylinder with the 22re motor. There is a major issue with the idling surging and zero response to the throttle when the truck is on. Codes being thrown: maf, tps. Help!!!

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Dec 21, 2007 ยท Re: '91 22re running rich/low power Thanks Adam B for the info. My Buddy brought the truck to my place today, I started my investigation by checking Ign timing - sure enough it was more retarded than your average politician - more than the adjustment on the distributor could correct. Buy and sell locally. Craigslist has listings for toyota in auto parts - by owner in the Denver, CO area. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more.

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Purchased these plugs for both my 2010 535xi and 2016 228xi, They are not plug and play but if you know how to gap a spark plug properly they run AMAZING. Perfect upgrade to Stock Heat range for the n20s and n55 and 2 steps colder for the N54 running MHD Stage 2+. Hard to find cold plugs for this cheap, luckily they're stock for N20s Pill with imprint RE 22 is White, Round and has been identified as Furosemide 20 mg. It is supplied by Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc.. Related Images for "RE 22".

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